You will notice a map in the adjacent window of Portsmouth. This has the tourist attractions highlighted and allows you to get directions to that attraction or just view a map using Google Maps. You also have the option of viewing an aerial map.

If you can not see a map in the adjacent window click here.

How to get directions
To get directions to an attraction click on the place marker you would like to get directions to on the map and then click on "get directions to here", then all you need to do is enter a postcode for your starting address. The directions are then displayed on the left side of the window.

Portsmouth's Train Stations
If you are travelling by train and would like directions from a train station then Portsmouth's train station postcodes are as follows:

Portsmouth Harbour (close to Historic Dockyard and Gunwharf Quays) PO1 3EB

Portsmouth and Southsea (located close to the Guildhall) PO1 1EQ

Fratton (located in a residential area of Portsmouth called Fratton) PO1 5AW