Havant Church is dedicated to St. Faith, the girl martyr of Aquitaine. This dedication has existed since the eleventh century, and there has been a church of St. Faith at Havant on this spot for about nine centuries. Of the original Saxon, or Norman, church nothing definitely remains, although it is probable that some of the stonework is older material re-used.

When the church was being repaired in 1832 it was found to be standing on part of a Roman foundation. The chancel, the oldest undisturbed part of the building, was constructed in the early 13th century.

In 1832 the nave was found to be very unsafe. It was taken down and a new one built. The resulting structure was adequate but not very handsome. Then, in about 1870, it was discovered that the removal of the nave and its rebuilding had seriously affected the strength of the tower. This was on the point of collapse, and in fact was only saved by the brick supports inserted in 1832. From then until 1875 the whole of the western end of the church was remodelled. This resulted in the building which you see today.

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