Portsmouth Dockyard

Portsmouth celebrated the start of the new Millennium by holding three firework displays which were designed to be seen by the whole city. The ships in Portsmouth Harbour also made it known that the year 2000 had arrived, by sounding their horns.

Some of Portsmouth's Millennium plans were as follows

The entrance to Portsmouth Harbour has many ships entering and leaving it. These ships include Naval ships, P&O Ferries, Britanny Ferries, Wighlink Ferries and pleasure craft. The City is planning a large Millennium enterprise. The new attractions will include: Millennium Promenades which will go round the coasts of Portsmouth and Gosport. The dockyard story which will include an interactive display in a Georgian storehouse. The restoration work on the Victory will be finished and the Mary Rose Ship Hall will be improved.

A high-tech "Navy in Action" display telling the story of the modern Navy will be held in Boathouse Number 6. The Royal Naval Museum will be refurbished and a new visitors reception created. There will be a new area created at Gunwharf which will include Cafes, bars and shops. The City Quay and Gunwharf will be linked by a tree lined Boulevard. There will be a 165 meter tower built at the entrance to the harbour with cafe at the top and water fountains sprouting 90 meter high water jets coloured by lasers.

Gosport esplanade will be developed and will include waterfront shops and cafes. There will be a Light Rapid Transit System which will link Portsmouth and Gosport via a tunnel. The Submarine world will be expanded and Priddy's Hard Ordnance Museum opened. The above picture shows the view looking across the harbour toward Portsmouth from Gosport.

Now the millennium has arrived, many of the above objectives have come into fruition however the Light Rapid Transit and water jets did not materialise.

"This is a project truly worthy of the Millennium - one which will help win significantly more earning from tourism while providing sustainable public amenities and jobs for local people" Cllr David Miles, Leader of Gosport Borough Council.

"Portsmouth Harbour will be transformed into one of the great harbours of the world in a scheme which puts public accessibility at the very top of its agenda" Cllr Leo Madden, Leader of Portsmouth City Council.

"The Royal Navy is right behind this bid - it is an excellent project which would do so much good for the area. We want it to succeed" Rear Admiral Neil Ranking, Flag Officer Portsmouth.

"This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting projects in the United Kingdom" David Thomson Chairman of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust.

"Portsmouth Harbour will become a symbol of renewal for the whole community and economy - a great amenity and source of pride for us all" Ben Stoneham, Chairman of the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Partnership.

"There is an air of excitement about the whole project" Derek Williams, Chairman of Pall Europe.

"The project cannot fail to raise Portsmouth's profile internationally" Colin Monk, Pro-vice Chancellor of Portsmouth University.

"The project will revitalise not just the port but the whole of Portsmouth" Richard Martin, Managing Directory, P&O European Ferries.

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